About me

Hi! I'm Marta and I'm a 29 years old lawyer.
Basically I'm a crafting, sewing, painting, doing it myself fanatic.

I recently moved to a little flat with my boyfriend and I love to decorate it with DIY projects!

I've always made handmade presents for my friend's birthdays, Christmas and holidays.
Recently I started to sew a lot of stuff.
Finally I came up with this blog.
It took so many time to decide to start this little thing.
All my friends keep saying I MUST publish my creations to the web and at the end I tough it will be great to have some feedback.
I want to fill this blog with tutorials on what I do for my house, my boyfriend, my friends.

Please, feel free to leave any comment, I love tho hear what you think about my projects.

And if you want to follow me up, you can subscribe this blog on Pinterest or Bloglovin.

If you'd like to, you can always grab my button!

I hope you enjoy this experience.

Love, Marta

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